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Druidess - The Arising

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Setting of Druidess

The world has lost itself.

The rise of technology and lack of self-dependence has created an ever spiraling disarray leading humanity further from its roots.. its long-hidden truths. The growing appeal of quick remedies to the simplest of problems- easy meals, painless medicine, bodily enhancement, premade constructions, low accountability, and less personal warfare.. blinders to what it once meant to be human.

The peace that exists for some people is always at the price of others. An abundance of education, resources and food for some.. the painful lacking for others. The world is only as real as in its depths. The depths are the true testament of humanity in the current world. Fair is subjective. The only true destinies are birth and death.

This story begins in a temperate region of modern day North America in the  outside and within the congested daily bustle of a booming city. The people that founded this region knew the inhabitants of this once densely forested area, but they built their walls thick. They separated themselves the natural world that housed them, first with wood barricades, then with brick and mortar. Now, the towering concrete and steel structures that their foundations inspired can glimpse past the barriers down onto the simple forest that has become only a lingering afterthought among the city’s inhabitants.

The world has lost itself, but soon it will find itself again.


Druidess: Prologue

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An Introduction


“So here’s the thing about life. In all reality, it can be rather enjoyable and quite exceptional at times. But between those times, you find yourself in periods you would rather not remember and distance away from.

You do your best to find the brighter side of life and take in the pleasantries while enjoying your small sliver of the world. Progressing each and everyday with a focus on simplification and self-gratification.

However, most individuals, including you, need to remember that there are many more things and circumstances that give your life meaning and the ability to persist beyond your own capability. Sometimes a simple choice you make can end up being the start of a chain that builds and delivers and end result that is staggering whether it is truly good or evil. The terms villain or hero are relative to the perception of those receiving their actions.

There are true definitions of character that are quite evident throughout history and nature. Being smaller and lighter doesn’t make you less brave. Sometimes it is quite the opposite and you accomplish a greater feat despite the odds by being agile and more maneuverable.

Sometimes in other circumstances, knowing whom to trust and reach out to when in need of help shows extreme strength and courage when being lost and afraid. Always pretending to be self-reliant in a time of crisis or need in general tends to be very self defeating. And quite often, if done too much, it is beyond devastating in more ways than one.”

So the story begins

Our journey begins on an early fall day. The air is still warm in the Midwest United States and the slight breeze is quite refreshing. A slight grouping of clouds dwell high in the goldening sky above as the sun is getting closer to setting for the day.

The sparrows are looking for their perches for the night flying just above the tree line. Dragonflies have started their hunt and make quick work towards the various water basins and the river to find their meals. The river is rolling along, and is filled by an adjacent creek that runs between the rock sided small canyon to the west.

A sparrow continues towards the west, carrying an evening meal with its feet. As it nears a small grotto separated from the creek, it begins to descend and place itself on of of the fir trees by the waters edge.

“I won’t introduce myself quite yet, but I will soon. This story is coming from my point of view of a rather remarkable event that takes place during this evening. Well, I never pictured this to be where my life would lead me. I never envisioned seeing it all coming so close to the end just to find myself at the beginning of my main story. And I definitely didn’t realize that even after all this time the past doesn’t cease just because another day went by.”

Underneath where the sparrow where the sparrow was now resting after its meal, a woman was swimming in the waters of the grotto. Surrounding her were ferns, bushes, various wild flowers making the ring around the waters edge a lively green of vegetation. This woman was rather young, dark brown, almost black hair, a lighter sun tan that showed on her fair Caucasian skin. Upon a closer look, she has fabric arm bracers, a monokini, and leggings. Very odd indeed being out in the middle of nature, but once again, there was no one that she was aware of for miles.

“My day started out pretty unremarkable. I was looking at my first day that I could actually relax in a while since I got here. I thought to myself, some alone time could really be a good change of pace.

It started off great. I could focus on myself and less on everyone else around me. No distractions, no directed schedule that I needed to follow. No one to tell me what I could and couldn’t do on my own.

I could go where I wanted and leave myself to be carried by where the wind took me. But by the time I normally started to question when I should be heading back, I couldn’t anymore. I was in ecstasy. My life couldn’t wait to go further down the rabbit hole in this fantasy moment that I was in.”

The woman waded finally towards the waters edge and proceeded to climb onto one of the rocks protruding from the waves. As she sat down, she rinsed away the dirt and silt of the bottom of the pool of water she walked upon as she took a moment to dry off letting the water drip down and stream down the rocks face back into the slight waves they came from.

“Thankfully, I was pretty good at taking care of myself and finding my way around if needed. It was all too easy to think of myself as vulnerable in my everyday life and always needing that extra validation in order to feel like I was living a fulfilling existence. Most of the time, I kept the demons at bay…

However, I was not really one that stayed back and let everyone else have all the fun. I liked finding myself in new experiences and exploring what life had to offer. I met someone that I thought really could mean something. And so there I went. Caution be damned. I was way in over my head before I even got a moment to realize how far I was under. It was once again, my moment and I intended to make the most of it.”

The young woman got up onto the rocks surrounding the water and started to pull herself upward using the dried out pathway that rushing water poured down into after heavy rains. She gathered up her nearby clothing – a cloak and a pair of leather wrap boots. Putting the boots on first she climbed up a bit higher taking notice to not have the cloak get tangled in the various bushes that pushed into her path and put the cloak on when she reached the clearing above the grotto that had a small inlet cave below the cliff she now stood by.

“So off I went. I really didn’t know what I would be doing or where the evening was expected to go, but I was anxious to be in the middle of things. It was my first time really being invited by someone to meet up at a somewhat random location to continue onward to a surprise evening, but what the hell.

The start of the evening I was nervous. As I went on my way, I kept fidgeting and checking and double checking that I had my essentials, but a few things for protection as well. I tend to make sure to plan for almost all things because you never know what can happen right? It is hard enough being a woman in this world and even having your voice heard. It is even harder getting respect when the world actually does start paying attention.”

As the young lady continued walking through the rocky ravine toward the east, she finds herself between two rock faces in a small canyon. The canyon is tilted with slanted walls like the rock had slowly been in the process of folding over itself.

She continues forward and becomes enveloped in the shadows of the landscape and tree cover. The air is cooler in this area, with a moisture emanating from the roots and collected wet soil.

“At least I had a lot of new scenery to give myself a distraction. The world around me seemed so condensed at times. And in a word boring. Going to visit a new location was one of my typical annual goals – whether or not I actually followed through was a different story altogether. This time I made it happen and having someone to see on the other end was an added bonus.

Well, that was the idea. It is safe to say, I spoke to soon…”

Off in the distance, a screaming voice can be heard, “Can Somebody  FUCKING help me PLEASE!!!! SHIT! Where.. Where am…”

The young woman started, glances upward to the edges of the canyon trying to place the direction from where the shouts were coming from. “What the?..” she was thinking trying to place the distress and urgency of the voice.

“So my night wasn’t going to go as planned and my flight of fancy was a memory. Was it even a memory at this point or just my mind trying to counterbalance what was happening right now? What always makes it so impossible for me to have a break from the ongoing train wreck that is my life?…”

Quick Answer. Life doesn’t answer to anyone or myself. Control is never an option at any time..

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