Finding hope among chaos..


Not all curses have a cure..


Knowledge can lead
to unimaginable power..

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Druidess - The Arising

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Druidess - The Arising

Druidess Webcomic


“The ancient war continues. It resumes where it ended. The last known descendent of the Druids cannot allow it to continue any longer. She must discover how to defeat the branches of her ancestral nemesis, the Chaotic Fist. Also,  a growing cult which worships their undead master are now legion and increasing their aggressiveness. And that is only the beginning.

With the spirits of nature on her side, she will use their wisdom and power to take the steps needed to finally restore order and peace. But will it be before the restless world around her has a new reason to be fearful? She will have to use all of her abilities if she is going to finally end this conflict and steady the balance once more.”

As spoken by Hern

“The story of Randi starts here. She is only known druidesses to have escaped certain death by an enemy of ages past. The modern age brings its own perils and puzzles to her. Her fight to bring back the peace and stability to an increasingly unsound world of technological advances and new threats to her and everyone else’s existence will be testing to the extreme.

Our story begins in the 21st century. Our hero finds herself in the heart of the growing technological era. Civilization is growing rapidly into the once thriving natural dwelling many denizens of the past fought desperately to  preserve and survive within. The cities surrounding the area have grown tremendously as humankind has found new ways to live and grow in the world – and sometimes more often to the detriment of others.

With the light, darkness always looms and closely follows in the shadows cast. In this new era, the corrupt and unstable nature of its modern residents and powerful overlords have created new reasons for the world to fear the future and even the near present. The truth lies just within the abyss. For those willing to believe in the current power they hold, they have very little control over the very essence of their being being taken and absorbed by a much greater evil.

And Now

Randi must use her ancient heritage to gain a foot hold in this world. She must bring the dark and light together in harmony before the path of humanity is forever corrupted. Her true advantage is the gift of her forebears, but without the aid of her allies, all is lost.”


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A Quick Disclaimer

Druidess ( is a free online comic that will be posted to periodically as time permits. It will hopefully start to get routine maintenance and content updates as the process of pushing the story live continues. New art work and features will be coming too.

Druidess is a fantasy based comic with some sci-fi mixed in. The comic will contain mythical and fantasy beings which will be referenced throughout and be portrayed in a fictional means. The story will bring in a variety of elements that connect the reader to the characters and their lives. This story is meant to take readers through and give them new perspectives how these ancient myths and current legends play out throughout a fictional present day setting.

MATURE CONTENT WARNING – This story does have mature content and is intended to build a world that is more suited for adults. This website utilizes an age verification notice for this reason to safeguard against younger audiences viewing the contents.

As this webcomic starts to get moving with more pages and elements scattered throughout the site, I would like to thank my current viewers and encourage them to add comments and suggestions to the Blog. Druidess can only grow based on its reception and that is something that would be welcomed to hear more about.

Druidess Mythical Fantasy Comic

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