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Druidess - The Arising

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Druidess - The Arising
Druidess Ylva

Randi (Ylva)

The main character of the story, has the ability to summon the powers of nature and life. Also, she the ability to see the past, present, and future events as if she were there at the same time by using the lifeforces around her. Her main weaknesses include the element of fire and the rage that builds inside her that seeks for revenge against all those that demonstrate injustice and hatred toward the natural order of things.

She is an original druid. By inserting herself into the modern age, she has continued their sacred traditions in the present. Throughout her life, she has fled countless times as she tirelessly searches for a way to finally tip the balance of light and darkness and balance them together once more.

She has met many interesting and out of the ordinary characters, but police officer Lieutenant Kenneth Richards is definitely catching her attention. She has met him only recently, but knows subconsciously that he may someday be her greatest ally facing the oncoming threat. His knowledge of the nearby city and his connections have brought her back into the inner workings of today’s culture and she will learn much from him in the times coming.

Lieutenant Kenneth Richards

Ken has lived a pretty ordinary life as a man growing up in the big city. Never really wanting to leave to go anywhere else, but constantly imagines life elsewhere. Lately, he has heard rumors of a wild woman in the outskirts of his county performing impossible feats that he normally relates to being in fantasy novels or mythical lore. She seems to be leaving clues and evidence that point to several criminal organizations spread throughout the area.

While appreciative, he has grown curious and very skeptical at the same time that maybe his coworkers are lying about the true nature of their contacts.

Ken Richards

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